1.  My child has no experience with Spanish.   Won’t my child feel overwhelmed and confused?

Children adapt quickly to the rhythm of the classroom because the day is filled with songs, stories, play and other developmentally appropriate activities that easily engage the children.  


2.  What happens if my child does not understand what a teacher is saying to him or her?

The teachers use facial expression, voice inflection, and physical cues to help the child understand what is being expressed.    Teachers will meet the child where they are at in their Spanish language development.  This means using more English when a child is  first joining our program. 


3. What if we do not speak Spanish at home?

It is not necessary to have a Spanish speaker at home!  Most of our students come from homes where there is no Spanish speaker. Often the child becomes the Spanish expert helping parents understand the Spanish they hear in the community, in music, etc., and teaching siblings the language.   


4.  Can my child and I visit for a day?  

YES!  We strongly encourage you and your child to visit our program.  Please call or email to arrange a time. 


5.  Will my child go outside regularly?

Yes.  Students spend at the very least 60 minutes outside EVERY day even in the snow, rain, sun, and mud.   


6.  What is the ratio of students to educators?

Our student to educator ratio is 6 students to 1 teacher.


7.  The school is located in a church.  Is there a religious affiliation?

La Escuelita Semilla rents the space from St. Barnabas, but we are not affiliated with the church. 


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